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Foley Resigns, Much More to Come 12:06AM EST Saturday, 9/30/2006 [link to this item]

Prior to this point, I have been quiet about the expectations of some that the Democrats will capture either House of Congress in the November elections. The numbers only seemed to add up to reduced Republican majorities.

But now that all has changed. Not simply because Mark Foley, Republican Congressman from Florida's 16th District has resigned within hours of the discovery of sexually suggestive e-mails to 16 and 17 year old congressional pages, however.

Within an hour of being contacted by ABC News about the e-mails, Foley resigned his seat in Congress. He has been caught and caught bad. He knows that his behavior is no secret within the Capitol rotunda. Revelations to come, in fact, are going to leave Americans dumbfounded.

Already the flood of ex-pages with Congressman Foley stories has begun. Many of the e-mails have been saved until today when they began arriving at ABC News. Foley had to have been attracted to the danger of his utterly reckless behavior as much as to the boys he sent e-mails.

This evening's Nightline included a brief clip of an ex-page who states unequivocally that part of page orientation was a euphemistic warning to keep a distance from Congressman Foley no matter how friendly he might be. In short, he alleges that Capital staffers for the page program were well aware that Foley pursued male pages.

ABC is also reporting that Foley had been reported to the House Page Board, and to at least one other individual Republican Congressman, Rodney Alexander, who saw no reason to proceed or to investigate:

Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-La., who sponsored the page from his district, told reporters that he learned of the e-mails from a reporter some months ago and passed on the information to Rep. Thomas Reynolds, R-N.Y., chairman of the House Republican campaign organization.
Of course, with a Republican Congress, the House Page Board is chaired by a Republican:
The board currently is headed by Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., who did not respond to requests for an interview.
Several news outlets are reporting that:
The US House of Representatives has approved a resolution ordering an immediate ethics probe into the behavior of Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL), Roll Call is reporting. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) offered the resolution, which was passed 410-0 in a late Friday session.
While it may seem that Republicans will simply throw Foley overboard and go on it is not likely to be that easy. No Congressman could possibly afford to vote against such a resolution and none can afford to be caught attempting to steer it towards safer waters. The GOP will be able to do little more than be carried along by the raging waters


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